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Stay ahead in the
fast-paced world
of student lettings.
The student rental market moves quickly. With Hatchpad's all-in-one rental toolkit, your lettings agency will move even faster.
Lead generation built for student lettings.
Use word-of-mouth referrals within university networks to incentivise students to book viewings through your agency.
Book more viewings.
Simplify the process with an online system that allows prospective tenants to add preferred properties to a basket before selecting a viewing time slot.
Free up time to focus on what matters most.
Allow staff to review viewing requests and property preferences before selecting which houses to show.
Rent houses on the go.
Send tenancy offers and collect holding fees at the end of a viewing without needing to return to the office throughout the day.
Manage your student lettings season from one place.
Whether you’re checking ‘right to rent’ documentation, sending tenancy agreements or confirming guarantors, everything can be managed and actioned from your agency dashboard.
A Powerful Toolkit at your Fingertips.
Hatchpad is an end-to-end student letting management tool, complete with everything your agency needs to stand out to landlords and tenants. We know the industry back-to-front and have built an unbeatable range of features that work together harmoniously to allow you to do what you do best, in the office and on the go.
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