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To win in student lettings, you need to make sure you’re standing out to landlords. Landlords care about their houses getting rented quickly and efficiently; this means increasing footfall to your agency and their properties across rental season.

Hatchpad helps you optimise your marketing strategy to maximise registrations whilst helping you increase viewing booking numbers across lettings season with a simple website plug in that combines the following features:
Use current tenants to drive more leads.
You have hundreds of current students with your agency this year. Upon renewal your hatchpad system adds them to your two-sided rewards tool and incentivises them to get their network registering and booking viewings through you. This gives your agency a headstart on student lettings season once the conversations start taking place.
Engage your prospects instantly.
The plugin is a simple snippet of code that you add to your website to engage prospects in multiple languages as soon as they land on your website. It guides them through your website to maximise viewing bookings where prospects can also live chat with staff and register property interest should they need to.
How the plugin works
Step 1
Automated Prompts

Engage with new leads with personalised prompts.

Step 2
Collect Preferences

Collect key preferences on your new lead for future use.

Step 3
Property Basket

Allow them to fill their basket with properties they like.

Step 4
Viewing Time & Date

Choose their desired time and date for a viewing (set by you). 

Step 5
Drive Referrals

Push them to refer their friends through cash incentives.

Simplify the viewing booking process.
Prospects will look through properties and be prompted to add houses of interest to their viewings basket. Customise the basket size to your agencys liking by adding a maximum number of houses. This combined with tenant preferences makes it easier for staff when they’re selecting properties to view on the day.
Confirm viewing slots in the diary 24/7.
Tenants then add their preferences which you have the ability to automatically assign to specific viewings staff based on the student area of interest or number of bedrooms. This then opens the calendar of your assigned viewing agent and displays up to date availability for prospects to instantly book a viewing slot.
A multi-purpose engagement tool.
The live chat functionality allows prospects to ask any general questions related to their new property search at any point in the process. Prospects can register their interest so they are emailed once houses that match their preferences become available on your website.
Maximise your viewings funnel with two-way rewards.
Once prospects have registered interest or booked a viewing through you they are able to share a two-way rewards link with their student network via whatsapp, facebook messenger, email or even text. This incentivises both the referrer and referee with rewards to some of the top student brands.
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