How to win
in 2021.

Show an understanding
of the rental market.
Be your landlords’ ear to the ground and help them understand the market. Educating landlords on their tenants’ evolving needs, keeping on top of developments in the local market and helping your landlords stay informed on rental price changes are a must. Providing value in educating them in shifting trends showcases that your agency will go above and beyond to get their properties let.
Know how to market
to students effectively.
With more and more students finding accommodation via word-of-mouth, it is vital to ensure your agency’s marketing tools adapt. Win over the student market by offering two-way referral incentives that benefit both the referrer and prospect tenant. Where competitors may rely on out-of-date communication methods and dusty marketing techniques, you’ll show landlords that you have a clear plan to get the word out about their properties.
Simplify the
viewing processes.
A simple, online booking system not only makes it easier for prospective tenants to book viewings but shows landlords that your agency is forward-thinking and can adapt to students’ evolving behaviour. Take a weight off your landlords’ shoulders by streamlining the booking process and getting more viewings booked.
Provide confidence
through your letting process.
Transparency is a significant trend that has demanded change from all industries in 2021. A fantastic way to achieve transparency is by keeping lines of communication open and inviting landlords to have more oversight of your processes. Help them understand what is happening with their properties by laying out a roadmap from initial listing to move-in day and providing updates every step of the way.
Ready to to win more landlords
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