Engage with your prospective tenants
easier than ever.
Elevate your customer service and maximise the amount of viewings booked through your website by connecting with your prospective tenants in a way you've never done before.
Your customers have changed.
So should your customer service.
Prospective tenants today expect you to value their time, to deliver answers easily, and to help them quickly. Hatchpad's Live Chat, accompanying viewings booking tool and two way referral technology enables you to deliver on these expectations. Allowing you to build relationships instantly, maximise your chances of booking viewings and incentivising your prospective tenants to refer their friends to your agency.
Capture leads & make booking a viewing easy.
Hatchpad's live chat sits seamlessly on top of your website, working in partnership with your brand. It provides you with a personal platform to talk directly with your prospective tenants, guiding them towards booking a viewing with multiple listings all within the same window.
Chat & engage with your leads the way they want.
Your customers have changed. They're exposed to the most user friendly platforms on a daily basis. Stay ahead of the game and provide your prospective tenants with a modern and seamless way for them to achieve their goals of booking a viewing. Not only making your brand
Driving them to book viewings and refer friends.
Hacthpad's Live Chat tool works hand in hand with our automated viewing booking engine and two way referral system. Making the ultimate plugin for you as an agency to stand out to landlords and to drive as much traffic as possible to your listings. The effortless viewing booking experience along with incentivised referral technology allows you to sit back and focus on the areas of your business that brings your most value...viewings.
Specifically built to assist you and your prospective tenants
to book viewings more efficiently and effectively.
We know that a live chat system won't achieve your goals. We're a group of experts within the industry that know your main aim is to get as many viewings as possible. We know your landlords care passionately about how many viewings you can get them on their houses. They care about traffic and how quickly you as an agency are going to fill their house. Standing out to your landlords with an automated viewing booking booking tool accompanied with a personal instant live chat system puts your agency in the best position to not only maintain but win you more landlords. Making you more profitable, utilise Hatchpad's technology and start winning more landlords.
Chat Features
It's all about making your business goal a reality.
Chat Tools
Customer Engagement
A Powerful Toolkit at your Fingertips.
Hatchpad is an end-to-end student letting management tool, complete with everything your agency needs to stand out to landlords and tenants. We know the industry back-to-front and have built an unbeatable range of tools that work together harmoniously to allow you to do what you do best, in the office and on-the-go.
Viewings Plugin
Cost, speed and efficiency are the key drivers when it comes to landlords choosing.
Live Chat
Cost, speed and efficiency are the key drivers when it comes to landlords choosing.
Referral System
Cost, speed and efficiency are the key drivers when it comes to landlords choosing.
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