Automated Viewings
Conversion Engine.
The viewings management engine is the brains behind your agency across student lettings season. Engage your visitors in seconds, prompting them to add properties of interest to your viewings basket. Prospects can interact with staff directly to discuss preferences and ask any questions, before booking a viewing date and time slot directly into your assigned agent's live calendar.
Instantly engage
all of your prospects.
Hatchpads multi language engagement tool allows you to communicate with new prospects instantly whilst automatically guiding them through your website to book viewings instantly without staff members having to manually get involved.
Accept property viewing bookings 24/7.
Prospects can book viewings instantly into assigned viewing agents calendars where they add houses of interest and their preferences to their basket. This confirms viewing slots instantly in your diary and maximises your viewings funnel across lettings season.
Maintain full control over the viewings process.
Staff set their own availability where you can assign them to groups based on prospect property preferences. Once the request comes in, staff are notified individually so they are able to review and select houses with the system recommending houses of closest match.
The system manages all communication for you.
The system sends out all automatic communication on your behalf to both current and prospective tenants. Whether that's the confirmations, reminders or emails notifying prospects of new properties.
Hatchpad's Automated Viewings Engine is filled with unique pre-built in features that enhance your agencies operations.
Engagement Tool
Allows prospective customers to engage and interact with staff customers before a viewing is confirmed in the diary.
Multi Region Adaptation
The plugin will adapt to the language on the web browser for international students to enhance their user experience regardless of their first language.
Customised Basket
Configure the basket to your agency. Whether that’s the default viewing time slot, the number of properties students can add to the basket or the branding/styling of the basket itself.
Multi-agent Assignment System
Assign staff to property viewings based on tenant preferences whether that be student area or number of bedrooms.
Availability Setter
Agents have the ability to select their own individual calendar availability for students to book viewings into.
Instant Booking 24/7
once a viewing slot is booked, assigned agents are instantly notified by SMS/email for them to action. All with the knowledge that viewings can be booked into your diary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Preference Recommended Engine
When reviewing the property booking, staff have the ability to amend the properties they view on the day. With your hatchpad system recommends properties that closest match tenant preferences for easy selection.
Viewing Tracker
Your hatchpad system is constantly scanning your calendar, notifying you if a house has been rented or if keys are with another agent so you can amend viewing details accordingly.
Calendar Integration
Your Hatchpad calendar links to your current calendar solution whether it apple, gmail or outlook, Hatchpad ensures nothing changes internally.
Website Listing Reference
Access each of the individual property listings on your website directly from the viewing request in your calendar when selecting properties to view.
Manual Viewing Creator
Manually add leads from other sources and create viewings instantly with the system giving you houses available to book viewings on the day.
Preference Mailing List
Registered prospects are automatically added to your agency mailing list and are notified as soon as houses that match their preference become available.
Customise all automatic notifications to your agency that are sent to both current and prospective tenants for viewings.
A Powerful Toolkit at your Fingertips.
Hatchpad is an end-to-end student letting management tool, complete with everything your agency needs to stand out to landlords and tenants. We know the industry back-to-front and have built an unbeatable range of tools that work together harmoniously to allow you to do what you do best, in the office and on-the-go.
Viewing Plugin
Cost, speed and efficiency are the key drivers when it comes to landlords choosing.
Live Chat
Cost, speed and efficiency are the key drivers when it comes to landlords choosing.
Referral System
Cost, speed and efficiency are the key drivers when it comes to landlords choosing.
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